I'm having trouble logging in using NX Client. Help!

See this article: http://mindhive.mit.edu/nx-troubleshooting for help troubleshooting your NX connections.

Troubleshooting NX Connections

Having trouble connecting to a server with NX Client? Read on.

First off, if you are running Satra's nipype stuff and you have the following line in your .bashrc file:

source /software/python/SetupNiPy26.sh

... well, uh, remove that line. We're not sure why it breaks things, but it will cause NX to fail every time.

On compute power.

From time to time, the cluster load spikes and I get questions about what is happening. I'd like to address the acute and the long-term issues with cluster load and consequent availability in this message. Read Section 1 to learn how to figure out "what's going on?" Read Section 2 for more background, and some concerns I have for the future of the cluster. I especially hope that lab leaders will read it all, despite the length of this treatise.

XNAT Project IDs


If you manage a research project that employs MR imaging, you can benefit greatly by integrating your scan sessions into XNAT, the Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (http://xnat.org for more details). We have an XNAT instance here at MIT, which can be accessed at http://xnat.mit.edu . You can request an account from the home page - though please note, only people who are actively affiliated with the MIT McGovern Institute will have their requested account activated.

XNAT on mindhive

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