Migrating from Legacy Systems

This document explains how to migrate your files and work habits from your existing computing/storage environment (e.g., gabrieli-linux1.mit.edu) to the new shared computing resource.

Moving from gabrieli-linux1.mit.edu

  1. Read the docs. Check out the "Getting Started with the hive" article at http://mindhive.mit.edu/node/2 - this is a good starting place.
  2. Get an account.If you don't already know for a fact that you have an account on the new computing resource, contact Mark Pearrow to get one (mjp at mit dot edu).
  3. Prune your files. Get rid of files on gabrieli-linux1 that you know you won't need - e.g., dicoms, etc. This will facilitate the next step.
  4. Copy your files to the new system.
    • Option 1: Do it yourself. Your new home directory can be temporarily found at /users/<username> on gabrieli-linux1. If you do not have sufficient permission to copy into that directory (probably because your UIDs do not match between the two systems) let Mark Pearrow know, and he will temporarily adjust the write permissions in your directory.
    • Option 2: Let Mark do it for you. Let me know a time when you won't be changing files in your gabrieli-linux1 directory and I'll migrate the files for you.
  5. Make sure all the programs you expect are working properly. Try running whatever you are used to doing, and let me know if something doesn't behave properly.