What is Mindhive?

This site is an index of resources for the brain research community at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at MIT and you are involved in brain studies, you are welcome to join the site. Membership is not strictly necessary to use the resources you'll find here, but if you want to contribute to the online discussion forums or add content to the online documentation, you will need an active website account.

"Mindhive" is also the name of the compute cluster at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, and a lot of the content on this site pertains to that cluster. If you're a researcher in one of the McGovern labs, you are welcome to sign up for a cluster account. This account will give you access to the compute farm - data storage, processing power, and many different analysis packages will be at your disposal.

Note that the two types of accounts - a web account and a cluster account - are entirely different entities and entitle you to two different sets of resources.

The word "mindhive" is a reference to the hive mind concept that is frequently attributed, at least in part, to Marvin Minsky. It can be thought of as a sort of collective intelligence of a colony.