Using the Gablab Document Scanner

The Gablab has a new Fujitsu Document scanner for use by gablab folks only - see Cindy for the location. This document is a brief howto that describes scanning a document and having it sent to your email address.

Step 1: Load your document face-down into the paper feed at the top of the scanner.
Step 2: Press the "Email" button on the touch screen (see pic below)

Step 3: Enter a From: address (probably should be your own MIT email address), a To: address (where you want the PDF to get mailed)and optionally a subject and a message.

Step 4: Press the "Scan" button on the touch panel.
Step 5: Wait for the document to be fed through and scanned. You can look at the preview of the document and do some basic editing stuff, like rotate pages. When you are satisfied with the preview, press "Send".

Step 6: Stare at the little animation of the mail envelope flying across the globe. The document is being emailed to you. Have fun...

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