Version Control!

If you do any sort of software development - Matlab, shell, Python, or whatever, you might benefit from the use of Subversion, which is a revision control system. On the mindhive system, there is an official place to put your repositories: /repos. If you are totally unfamiliar with the concept of a revision control system, or even if you are used to using the popular (but long-in-the-tooth) CVS system, it's probably worth skimming the Subversion introduction in the so-called "red book". The executive summary is that with a revision control system, multiple people can work on a software project concurrently, operating on their own "checked-out" version of the code base. When a developer finishes editing the local (checked-out) copy, he or she then checks the copy back in, and Subversion (often abbreviated SVN) manages the tracking of changes and conflict resolution. If you would like help getting your code into a repository, just send email to bcs-help.