Understanding the Linux filesystem

Understanding the Linux filesystem

Overview of files and directories
A conceptual understanding of file system, especially data structure and related terms will help you become a successful system administrator. I have seen many new Linux system administrator w/o any clue about file system. The conceptual knowledge can be applied to restore file system in an emergency situation.
What is a File?

Saxelab Doc overview

Saxelab Technical Handbook

This guide is meant to serve as a notepad and a reference for saxelab members and administrators.
It includes the following general categories:

▪ Software & Hardware Administration
⁃ Maintaining Qixa, our Athena “shaman”
⁃ Configuring Linux (illustrated mostly on RedHat Enterprise 4)
⁃ Adding new lab members
⁃ Maintaining lab workstatons
⁃ Backup & Recovery
⁃ Managing the Website(s)
⁃ Saxelab list management (webmoira)

• Linux & Matlab basics
⁃ Understanding the Linux filesystem

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