Cluster Technical Info

The following is a textual description of the mindhive compute cluster, suitable for use in grant applications.

The MIBR compute cluster is a shared computation and data storage facility that consists of nine Dell PowerEdge rackmount servers, each of which contains eight CPU cores (for a total of 72 cores). These cores range in speed from 2.66 to 3.33 GHz. Each server has either 16 or 32 GB of main memory (RAM). A distributed NFS filesystem provides data storage and currently has a maximum capacity of 155 Terabytes. The storage system is a composite of Dell PowerVault disk arrays and a NetApp 3140 storage appliance. Each independent research lab within MIBR has a minimum of 7 Terabytes of storage allocated for dedicated use.

Server nodes run the Ubuntu 9.04 Gnu/Linux system and include many popular applications, including the GNOME desktop. Remote access is enabled via SSH, X11, VNC, and NX. The Sun Grid Engine distributed resource management system runs across all nodes of the cluster, allowing users to spread computational load across the entire system. Common software shares on the system include FreeSurfer, SPM, AFNI, FSL, Matlab, and many other common applications used for neuroimage data preprocessing and analysis.

Data are backed up to MIT's central data backup service, which runs Tivoli TSM and an enterprise tape robot and library.